Family Law & Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hamilton, OH


As a former Judge, I know what the courts are looking for. I will guide you through the legal process and inform you not only of what is going on, but also what you should do each step of the way.


I am a Hamilton native and know the residents of this town. My time as a Judge gave me insight into how different judges think and make decisions and I will use this knowledge on your behalf.

When you are accused of a crime, the first thing you should do is hire a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. The police might try to tell you that answering their questions will help you out but the reality is that they are only there to incriminate you. Don't fall victim to predatory police tactics. Call me today.

The Conese Approach


Much like a Medieval knight, a lawyer's duty is to defend and serve those in need. My suit of armor acts as a reminder of what my duty to you is, and it serves as an indicator that I am always prepared to fight for your case to the last breath. When you're wearing armor, you feel safe. When you're with me you're safe.

Family law cases are often some of the most stressful events people will go through in their lives. The end of a marriage is never easy and if you have children and assets, the following struggle is bound to get messy. The help of an experienced attorney will make the process go much more smoothly.

Your Go-To Resource for Legal Advice

"Many do not realize that I help with bankruptcy, estate planning, probate, estate administration and more." - MARK CONESE

Although my main areas of focus are family law and criminal defense, I do so much more. I can help with a variety of other problems as well.

If you need help securing your legacy after you die, a lawyer well-versed in estate planning is the best option to make sure all of your belongings are distributed as you please. Without this, the courts will do it as they see fit without your best interest in mind. There is far more that I can help you with, but I can only do so if you call me and explain your situation.

36 Years of Experience on Your Side


When you come to me with a problem, I can tell you what the best option for you is because I've essentially seen it all before.


My experience as a judge gives me the insight to know what judges look for in cases and the know how to present your case properly for your benefit.


I take great pride in my work and have the track record to prove my success. If you want to win, I'm the person you want to hire.

I will counsel you on everything from your case itself to how to dress and behave in the courtroom.

When it comes to winning a legal battle, the lawyer you choose is easily the most important decision you will make, but his or her ability to win a case is not the only thing you should consider. A lawyer should not only have the upper hand in your case but be able to coach and educate you about the courtroom.

When you are in the courtroom, the judge will look for more than just evidence and a solid defense to prove your innocence. He or she will look at your appearance, behavior and demeanor to gauge the kind of person you are and make a decision factoring that in.

For example, someone who got into a fight and broke the other person's jaw accidentally might receive the minimum sentence if they show remorse. If not, then they risk getting the maximum sentence.

Because these things are so important, I make a point to teach them to all of my clients. I will tell you how to dress, how to carry yourself, what to say and when to say it. Criminal cases are no joke and if the judge sees you are taking your situation seriously, your chances of a better result judgment improve. It's an underlooked quality of an attorney but an incredibly important one.