Criminal Law Attorney in Hamilton, Ohio

You can take the prosecutor or the police at their word that it will be "better for you in the long run" if you just talk to them up front...or you can talk to an attorney.

You decide.

At the Conese Law Office in Hamilton, Ohio, we offer our criminal defense clients something many other firms cannot-former Ohio judge Mark Conese. Since entering private practice, his judicial experience and perspective now serve to help individuals in the Cincinnati region and throughout Ohio avoid or minimize the damage that can result from a criminal charge or conviction.

But don't delay.

  • Our firm handles all felony and misdemeanor criminal cases including:
  • Drug charges such as possession, sales, manufacturing, and others
  • OVI / DUI charges
  • Family law juvenile cases and domestic violence charges
  • Assault and battery, sexual misconduct, rape
  • White collar fraud, theft, and embezzlement
  • Manslaughter, vehicular homicide, murder
  • Our law office will see you through the legal process from the initial interview to, if necessary, representing you in an appeal.


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It is still possible to prevent the forfeiture of your property, the suspension or revocation of your professional license, the loss of student aid funding, and many other serious consequences including the ultimate loss of your freedom. But to do that, you have to call first.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Mark Conese will provide an honest assessment of your situation and the chances to minimize or avoid the outcome of a guilty verdict.

Do not take any chances with your future at stake. Contact criminal defense lawyer Mark Conese today.