Assault and Battery

Butler County Assault And Battery Charge Attorneys

Assault and battery charges are serious accusations and a conviction could create a lasting mark on your criminal record, even if the altercation was simply a bar fight or a misunderstanding. If you have been charged with these aggressive crimes, you need an attorney who understands how the court will perceive the situation and who can provide a thorough defense that will address those concerns and achieve the best possible outcome.

Attorney Mark Conese leads Conese Law Office and has extensive judicial experience, as well as decades of success in the criminal justice system. He is a veteran of the courtroom and can fully protect your rights and your freedoms. Attorney Conese has also taught seminars to police officers, lawyers and judges.

Butler County Assault Lawyer Providing Exceptional Criminal Defense

While the most common defense against assault or battery charges is self-defense, the state of Ohio has a rigid standard on what can fall in that category. It is critical that you have an attorney who understands the laws and statutes and can best attack the charges.

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In all assault and battery cases, the court will consider if reasonable force was used, even in cases of self-defense. If the victim was battered beyond what the court considers reasonable given the circumstances, the accused will likely be found guilty. Our lawyers will demonstrate that you used the level of force needed to counter the situation you were facing, protecting yourself and others.

In cases involving family members, spouses or those who live together, domestic violence becomes an issue. These situations can be difficult to sort through as there are often underlying family law and other legal issues that will be impacted, and the alleged victim may be using the case to win in those matters. We will evaluate all factors that may play a role in the case at hand, including them in your defense.

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