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College Student Criminal Defense Attorneys

During their college years, students often make mistakes. When those mistakes result in criminal charges, the stakes are high. A conviction could severely impact the student's future, employment potential after college and other important opportunities. It is critical that a student charged with a crime have experienced representation on his or her side, fighting the charges and minimizing the impact those charges will have on the future.

Attorney Mark Conese of Conese Law Office has represented many college students facing a broad range of charges and criminal allegations. With decades of criminal defense and judicial experience, he understands how to work with prosecutors and judges to achieve the best possible outcome.

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College Student Criminal Defense Lawyer — Representation For Ohio State Students And Other Butler County College Students

Common charges for college students include underage drinking, DUI, possession of marijuana or other drugs, public intoxication, open container violation, petty theft, Internet crimes, sexual misconduct, assault, fighting and the use of fake ID. While these are generally fairly petty crimes, a conviction would remain on their record far into the future, visible to anyone who pulls a background check, including employers or graduate schools.

We often work with prosecutors to reach an advantageous deal and other alternatives to a conviction. By avoiding conviction, the student has the option of seeking an expungement later to have the charge wiped from his or her record. DUI offense, felony charges and crimes of violence cannot be expunged.

We will provide you with a clear understanding of where the situation stands and the options available to you. You can trust our abilities and experience in handling these cases and delivering the best possible outcome.

To learn more about how we can protect the future of a college student charged with a crime, please contact our Hamilton, Ohio, law firm today.