Domestic Violence

As evidenced by Ohio's recent passage of 'Amy's Law', charges of domestic violence are not taken lightly by the police or the courts.

We take these cases very seriously too.

At the Conese Law Office, Attorney Mark Conese has experience with persons on both sides of the domestic violence issue. He seeks to find ways to disentangle the web of emotions and charged accusations that usually accompany these situations. He will help protect victims of spousal abuse in the Hamilton/Cincinnati region and throughout Ohio and also represent individuals who have been falsely accused in these cases.

Cincinnati, Ohio Protection Orders

Attorney Mark Conese, offers you something different in that he has experience with both obtaining and removing civil protection orders in Ohio, and also with granting them and removing them as a former judge. As a result, he has unique insights into how best to make your case and obtain the protection and security you seek.

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, do not fool yourself into believing it will 'get better' all by itself. Contact Conese Law Office today.

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If You Have Been Unjustly Accused Of Domestic Violence...

You stand to lose a lot. Visitation, the ability to possess firearms, future job opportunities, your freedom-all of these can be taken away from you even if the accusations are false. Unfortunately, unfounded allegations of domestic abuse in divorce and child custody cases are not as uncommon as they should be.

However, you are entitled to the presumption of innocence and your fair day in court. Don't make the mistake of assuming the criminal law judge will see the 'truth' in your case.

Whether you seek protection or vindication, contact an Ohio domestic violence lawyer at Conese Law Office in Hamilton, Ohio today for a free initial consultation.