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If you have been charged with a crime, it will be noted on your criminal record, visible for anyone pulling a background check on you, including future employers and schools. There are options available to protect your future and your reputation. Expungements are available to individuals who have been charged with and acquitted of misdemeanor crimes. This will wipe the charge from the record available to the public, but the charge will remain visible to law enforcement. 

Butler County Expungement Lawyer — Representation To Expunge A Record

At Conese Law Office, Attorney Mark Conese often assist individuals seeking expungement, advocating on your behalf to judges and prosecutors to clear your good name and protect your future. He has decades of experience in the criminal justice system and understand what it takes to have these records cleared.

People often seek expungements for misdemeanor crimes, including theft, drug offenses and other lesser charges. 

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The likelihood of a successful expungement often comes down to the court in which you are seeking expungement. Judges have the power to decide whether to grant the expungement, and some courts are more lenient than others. In other situations, a prosecutor may fight to prevent the charge from being wiped. It is important that your attorney be experienced in these proceedings, able to work with judges and prosecutors to reach an agreement. Mark Conese will aggressively advocate on your behalf.

For some of these crimes, particularly drug charges, there are alternatives during initial trying of your case, including treatment in lieu of conviction and other drug court procedures. By seeking these upfront, you increase your likelihood of achieving an expungement. As we handle your case, we will help you to understand all options and how they affect your future.

To learn more about how we can protect your interests and fight for an expungement of charges in your past, please contact our Hamilton, Ohio, law firm today.