Juvenile Offenses

Young adults are 'judged' by many people when they get into trouble, including parents, teachers and other authority figures. However, when this trouble is criminal in nature, many other parties join in this judgment - potential colleges, future employers and others. Therefore, when a child or young adult gets into trouble with the law, the answer is obvious:

Get An Experienced Juvenile Crime Defense Lawyer.

At the Conese Law Office, our clients are not 'judged'. Attorney Mark Conese's experience as a former judge in the Hamilton area provides the firm with valuable insight into how juvenile cases are viewed by the court and the specific procedures that will be used.

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Our law firm represents youthful offenders in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases involving:

  • Drug charges, such as drug possession
  • Drunk driving (DUI/OVI)
  • Underage drinking or underage possession of alcohol
  • Sexual assault, date rape, or other sex crimes
  • Shoplifting or theft
  • Speeding or other traffic offenses
  • Other juvenile crimes

A criminal conviction can permanently damage a young adult's chances for getting into college, obtaining scholarships and even obtaining a decent job. Therefore, our firm focuses on keeping our client's records clean. Attorney Conese will work with prosecutors to pursue rehabilitative measures that satisfy all parties.

If your child has been charged with a juvenile offense, hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer could be the most important decision you make for their future. Don't delay. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact a juvenile crime defense attorney at Conese Law Office.