Probation Violations

Arrested For Violating Probation Or Parole?

You spent your time in jail. Don't be sent back on a technicality, such as forgetting to provide your probation officer with an updated address. More importantly, don't be sent back to jail on account of hiring the wrong lawyer. When your freedom is at stake, make sure your lawyer is prepared to fight for you.

Attorney Mark Conese: Experience As A Former Judge-Now On Your Side

If you have been arrested for a probation violation, you know what is at stake. In addition to his extensive experience as a criminal trial lawyer, defense attorney Mark Conese has 12 years of experience as a Hamilton area judge. He uses his extensive experience and insight into the judicial system to make sure clients are fully protected. Contact our Butler County law firm for a free consultation. 

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Clients can have their probation or parole revoked for a variety of reasons, regardless of how serious or minor the act was. Frequently, this occurs when clients:

  • Commit a new misdemeanor or felony crime
  • Fail to report to the probation officer
  • Fail an alcohol or drug test
  • Fail to pay fines or restitution
  • Fail to complete alcohol treatment, drug treatment, anger management treatment, or other required treatment
  • Violate other conditions of probation

Act Now. Don't Let Your Freedom Be Revoked.

If convicted for a probation violation, you face revocation of your probation and execution of the stayed sentence. In addition, if your probation is being revoked in conjunction with new criminal charges, there may be aggravated penalties. When this much is at stake, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side.

Contact the Conese Law Office to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced probation violation defense attorney. We will fight to protect your rights and your freedom.