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Butler County Second-Offense DUI Lawyers

If you have been charged with a DUI and now face another DUI, you can expect to face significantly more serious consequences and even less leniency from prosecutors and courts. Multiple DUI offenders need to have the best representation possible to avoid jail time and mounting fines.

Butler County Second-Offense DUI Attorney — Representation Against Multiple And Felony DUI And OVI Charges

Attorney Mark Conese of Conese Law Office has represented hundreds of individuals facing second, third or more DUI charges. With decades of experience in criminal defense and as a judge, he understands how to navigate the criminal justice system and fight for the best possible outcome. We are prepared to zealously advocate on your behalf.

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In the state of Ohio, second DUI convictions come with a mandatory 10-day jail sentence, along with greater fines and other requirements. Subsequent DUI convictions have increasingly longer jail time and greater fines. These sentences can have a profound impact on your future if not handled by experienced representation.

These are difficult cases to handle, and not many lawyers are equipped to fully protect your interests. There are many intricacies, including challenging the evidence, looking at past offenses and working with prosecutors to arrive at an advantageous deal.

To learn more about how we can protect your future and fight for the best possible outcome in second or multiple DUI matters, please contact our Hamilton, Ohio, law firm today.