Child Custody Attorney in Hamilton, Ohio

Often, the most emotionally charged area involved in any divorce is child custody. As an experienced child custody lawyer, Mark Conese provides the legal representation and guidance required to guide clients through the custody process while minimizing emotional damage to the children. He has a professional objectivity and insight that few other attorneys can offer.

In any family law or child custody-related matter, the sooner you talk to an attorney the more likely it is that you'll be able to avoid unpleasant results. We help people and families throughout Greater Cincinnati and its surrounding areas with a full range of custody-related services such as:

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  • Guardian ad litem representation
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Joint custody and shared parenting plans
  • Full custody
  • Child support and modifications
  • Custody modifications and relocation cases
  • Visitation schedules and modifications

In an attempt to win custody on behalf of their clients, some attorneys will put forth as many facts and allegations as they possibly can in order to cloud the issues and gain an advantage. As a former judge himself, Mark's firsthand experience in understanding exactly how this kind of strategy does not work and also with how to prioritize and focus a case before a judge in order to make the best case possible.

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