Child Support

The State of Ohio uses specific guidelines and a formula that takes into account various factors in order to calculate child support. And, in 9 out of 10 cases, once that guideline amount has been set it will be followed precisely to the letter.

For this reason, having a knowledgeable and experienced child support lawyer to represent your interests in this process is essential to achieving a satisfactory result.

Mark Conese puts his knowledge and experience to work for clients throughout Butler, Hamilton and Warren Counties in Ohio. He will represent you throughout the process of determining the guideline amount, in seeking deviations from the set amount, and in petitioning for child support modification.

Deviations from this amount are few and in general, there must be a substantial cause or set of circumstances involved in order to do so.

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During his tenure as a Judge, attorney Mark Conese presented seminars on deviations from the set guideline amounts to help other judges understand how, when, and where these causes and circumstances apply. His unique perspective and knowledge, gained from twelve years as a judge, are assets to formulating a strong legal strategy to pursue your case.

In addition, he also represents many clients who need to return to court, often every one or two years, to seek modifications to the guideline amount based on income shifts, remarriage, new children, day care costs, health care costs, and many other life changes.

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