Prenuptial Agreements

If you have considering having a prenuptial agreement drawn up before you take your vows, it is important that you see a knowledgeable family law attorney as soon as possible.

Cincinnati Prenuptial Agreements

At the Conese Law Office, we represent clients in the Cincinnati region and throughout Ohio with the guidance needed to craft strong premarital agreements that will protect their assets if their new marriage should fail.

Mark Conese is a former judge who has had the firsthand experience and perspective that most other attorneys cannot offer. He had three cases as a judge where he had to nullify these contracts because the people who had them did not obtain them in the proper way.

In fact, most prenuptial agreements do not stand up in court for one primary reason:


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If A Wedding Date Has Already Been Set, It Could Be Considered Coercion To Ask Your Fiancée To Sign Such An Agreement, And The Court May Not Uphold The Document's Validity.

For this reason, Mark has advised some of his clients to postpone their wedding plans and to make sure their fiancée has a lawyer to represent their fiancée's interests in order to make sure all the necessary requirements are fulfilled. Obtaining these agreements in this way may be more expensive now, but it can also avoid a great deal more in the way of expenses later.

Contact a skilled marital agreements lawyer at the Conese Law Office in Hamilton, Ohio today for a free initial consultation.